Morning Rounds at the Austin Aquarium

Learn How We Prepare the Aquarium and Its Animals for the Day!

Great for aspiring aquarists, biologists, herpetologists, science geeks and animal lovers!

Schedule Your Individual Morning Round

If you have multiple people coming, purchase a multiple experience voucher using the button below. Note: Once you receive your voucher, you must book each person into the date and time you desire. To ensure your experience is a good one, please be sure to book yourself into a time slot. Otherwise, our team will not be expecting you.

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  • man cutting some fillets for fish
    Preparing the sharks’ and rays’ diet consisting of silverside and krill.

Tag along with our experienced crew on their morning rounds as they prepare for the day, check on and feed animals and check water levels. Great for aspiring aquarists, biologists, herpetologists, science geeks and animal lovers! Morning Rounds fluctuates for our staff each day based upon the feeding schedules of each species. A Morning Rounds guest experience can vary. You might assist with water quality testing, maintaining our filtration system, preparing diets, and feeding some of the marine life that require special attention! This program is ideal for those guests over the age of eight interested in experiencing a day in the life of our husbandry staff! We will provide you with the opportunity to shadow the staff member doing the most interesting activity for you. Admission to the aquarium is included, so please stay as long as you like after your Morning Rounds is complete.

Regular Price: Members: $19.95, Non Members $29.95.

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9-9:45 am daily

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Open daily 10 a.m.–8 p.m.

Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving 10:00-2:00
Christmas Eve 10:00-4:00
Christmas CLOSED
NYE 10:00-4:00
New Years Day 12:00-6:00

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