Giant Pacific Octopus

Explore the depths of the ocean while keeping your feet dry!

Explore the depths of the ocean while keeping your feet dry! Stare into the eyes of one of the most intelligent animals not just in the oceans, but on the planet. The Giant Pacific Octopus is the largest species of octopus in the entire world, reaching lengths of over 9 feet! Yet, it is well known for its gentle nature. You’ll connect with this animal, while you touch it, play with it, and provide it puzzles and toys to interact with. Encounters last approximately 45 minutes, and non-flash photography is encouraged!

Enjoy our Octopus Encounter for only $54.95 per person for non-members, $44.95 for annual pass holders and members.



Please call 512-222-5586 for your reservation.



Read what customers have said about this experience:
  • “Wow, I didn’t know octopus were this friendly.”
  • “Its suction cups are so much stronger than I anticipated.”
  • “My husband and I took our 7 year old for the octopus encounter yesterday and it was AMAZING!!! I think I enjoyed it as much as if not more than my son. The staff were very knowledgeable about “Scarlet” so we learned lots of interesting facts about her and her species. I never imagined that an octopus could be so strong, but they are! All around great experience for our whole family and I would definitely recommend it for your curious little scientist like ours :-)”

Note: We make every effort to ensure that your experience is a good one. However, due to the nature of animals, it cannot be guaranteed that the octopus will cooperate at the specified time. Your understanding is appreciated.



Participants must be 8 and up. Ages 18 and under need to be accompanied by a paying adult aged 21 and up.


Open daily 10 a.m.–8 p.m.