50 Tokens

50 Tokens

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Purchase tokens to use throughout the aquarium. Tokens are exchanged to get food for:

  • Amazon Pacu or Catfish – 1 token
  • Tropical Fish – 1 token
  • Parakeets or Lorikeets – 1 token
  • Stingrays – 1 token
  • Sharks – 1 token
  • Koi Fish – token
  • Tortoise or Iguanas – 1 token
  • Octopus encounter – 3 tokens
  • Caiman encounter – 3 tokens


50 Tokens  –  $120

Alternative Token Quantities

10 Tokens   –   25 Tokens   –   100 Tokens

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Buy Tokens Online & Save!

Purchase tokens to use throughout the aquarium. Use tokens to get discounts on everything from feeding the fish, cotton candy, to feeding the sharks, rays and lorikeets.

Your child will enjoy a hands-on experience unlike any other. The ability to interact with exotic animals will make a lasting impression that will result in a better appreciation, respect, and understanding of our planets amazing animals. As a parent, you get this special opportunity to teach and show your children these animals and help them with their interactive experience, as well as be a kid again yourself!